/ We achieve unique results in limited time by using the latest software and project management methods

Advantages of working with us
  • Comprehensive services - we are ready to provide the full range of services necessary for completion of any construction project - from site selection to building commissioning.
  • Flexibility - we can join your project team at any stage of implementation or act as a separate service provider – Client’s Technical Representative, General Designer or General Contractor.
  • Expertise - our team includes experts in all engineering disciplines and construction industries
  • New technologies - we use the latest technology - from design software to building materials and equipment.
  • Efficiency - we offer our clients the most efficient solutions, whether related to the choice of their building’s structural system, to construction technologies or to finishing materials.
Our services
1. Construction project management
  • Real estate/lot selection per client’s requirements
  • Investment due diligence
  • Zoning, technical and legal evaluation of the selected lot / real estate for the implementation of the investment project
  • Comprehensive planning of the design and construction process
  • Collection and processing of the initial data
  • Initial data analysis, planning of additional surveys and research
  • Evaluation of the participants of the investment/construction project: their level of competence, financial and economic condition, reputation and compliance of their capabilities with the client’s requirements
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Performing the role of client’s technical representative and construction supervision
  • Planning, organization and supervision of project implementation, including design, surveys, construction, and other types of work
  • Supervision of the efficiency of capital investments
  • Commissioning after project completion
2. Client’s technical representative
  • Obtaining the complete set of initial permits
  • Developing project schedule and budget
  • Soliciting and awarding bids for design, construction and installation work
  • Preparing technical specifications and executing contracts for all types of work
  • Supervising the development of project documentation
  • Obtaining a building permit
  • Construction management
  • Supervising the efficient use of resources
  • Commissioning after project completion
3. General designer
  • Conceptual project development
  • Development of all sections of design documentation
  • Approval of design documentation by the state authorities
  • Development of construction documentation
  • Architectural supervision at the construction site
4. General contractor
  • Organization of all types of construction and installation works in accordance with the approved design documentation
  • Coordination of all construction process participants
  • Monitoring budget compliance and schedule during project implementation
  • Ensuring the compliance of volume and quality of construction with the approved design documentation
Our values
  • We believe that honest and open relationships with our partners are key to productive long-term cooperation.
  • We provide high-quality services to ensure that projects built with our participation meet the requirements of each client.
  • We are confident that the high level of professionalism of our staff is critical in creating high-quality product for our clients; that is why we encourage continuous education and improvement of our team members.
  • We care about the health and safety of both employees and all project participants; that’s why we strictly enforce compliance with safety and labor protection standards at our construction sites.
We value our clients and we strictly protect their information.
We value our information security, therefore we strongly recommend that our partners respect confidentiality regarding our projects.
We consider anti-corruption to be one of the main conditions for doing business
We have developed and implemented our own set of instructions aimed at raising the anti-corruption awareness of our team members
Training and educational sessions help our specialists avoid situations related to corruption
We value in our partners the desire and ability to fight corruption
Our Development Manager is ready to answer any questions regarding our services and cooperation with us
We provide a comprehensive set of services, but we are also ready to join your project team at any stage
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